Super Tuesday in Utah!

The Utah Republican Party opted to hold caucus – and the Presidential Preference Poll – on Super Tuesday so that Utahns would play a nationally pivotal role in shaping the narrative of the 2024 election year and in determining the Republican Presidential Nominee. Throughout this process, Chairman Axson and the Utah GOP invited—and worked collaboratively with—the Utah Democrat Party to select the same date for their caucus, which the Democrats agreed to do. This underscores the shared belief by both parties in the importance of the caucus system to Utah’s future.

Presidential candidates are notably more present under a caucus system—many having already spent time here in Utah. Presidential preference polls generally lead to more meaningful and frequent engagement from candidates compared to primaries filled with standardized ad buys. The Utah Republican Party is and will continue to work hard with the county parties to ensure a seamless and well run caucus process in 2024. Caucus night will provide an opportunity for purposeful involvement from all walks of life, giving voters a chance to interact with each other and deepen their understanding of their important role in shaping the future of our nation.

How to Vote in the Presidential Preference Poll

  1. Make sure you qualify to participate
    • Any registered Republican voter with residency in the state of Utah
    • Any resident of Utah who is not registered or is not affiliated with a party (unaffiliated) who chooses to register and affiliate with the Republican party, and who will be 18 years old on or before the day of the general election.
  2. Pre-register for Caucus Night
    • Click on the “Pre-Register” button above
  3. Go to your Neighborhood Caucus Location on March 5th
    • Click on the “Caucus Locator” button above to see where your Neighborhood Caucus will meet.
  4. Check-in by showing your pre-registration and State ID
    • You will then be given your Presidential Preference Poll ballot
  5. Fill out your Presidential Preference Poll ballot by marking ONE candidate
  6. Put your ballot in the ballot box or envelope before the end of the meeting

Still have questions?

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