Improving Neighborhood Caucus

We having been working to streamline and improve Caucus Night for attendees and candidates. We identified these key aspects of Caucus Night to improve on:
  • Make Caucus Night more accessible to those with challenging schedules
  • Focus on what matters most to Caucus Night attendees
  • Make better use of meeting time
  • Provide more opportunity for attendees to learn about caucus candidates

New Changes

To accomplish this, we are doing a number of things, but specifically making three key changes to Caucus Night:
  • Using Preferential Ballots
  • Waiting until later in the evening (9:00pm) to tally ballots
  • Allowing ballots to be cast anytime from 6:00 – 9:00 pm.

We are also encouraging conversations and engagement before Caucus Night by:

  • Setting up and promoting Precinct web pages and Facebook Groups
  • Encouraging candidates to declare they are running ahead of time, so that discussions can start sooner

More Flexibility!

With these changes precinct members have more flexibility in how they participate in Caucus Night.

  • Come when you can
  • Ask the questions important to you
  • Leave when you need to
  • No waiting for ballots to be counted

When you leave Caucus Night, be sure to fill out the survey so we know if the Open Voting Pilot was a success or not. If it is successful, we hope to expand the number of precincts that use this format at the next Caucus Night.

Not all precincts are participating in the Open Voting Pilot, so check your precinct's Facebook Group for more details.