Before Caucus Night

To participate in Caucus Night you must be a registered Republican.

  • If you are not registered to vote, or not declared as a Republican, go to the to register, or update your registration.
    • You must be a US Citizen, and 18 by the day of the General Election to register.
  • If you have recently moved, update your address on your registration at, so your registration shows the correct precinct.
  • If your voter registration marked as WITHHELD (which keeps your registration from the party), plan on extra time and hassle to verify your registration, because the precinct will have no record of you.
    • Lookup your voter registration on so you can show it to the check-in volunteer at you caucus.

Your Precinct, similar to a large neighborhood, is a specific area, and Republicans from that area come together for a Caucus Meeting.

  • Visit the Precinct & Caucus Information page.
  • Allow your web browser to locate you, or enter your address.
  • Your precinct and caucus location will be looked up.

Precinct Members will be voting to elect:

  • Precinct Chair
  • Precinct Vice-Chair
  • Precinct Secretary/Treasurer
  • State Delegates
  • County Delegates

Each of these roles has important responsibilities to ensure the voice of your precinct is represented at the County Party and State Party.

Learn more about these positions and their responsibilities on the Precinct Positions page.

Find out who is running for precinct positions by visiting your precinct Facebook group/page, or asking friends and neighbors, or your Precinct Chair.

  • Learn about what principles and values are important to them.
  • What are their thoughts on the Party Platform, and do they support it?
  • Why they are running for a position?
  • Are they committed to putting in the time and work to do the role properly?
  • Will they attend all the meetings and conventions that are expected of them?
  • Has a specific candidate asked them to be a delegate for them?

The “Open Voting Pilot” is making three key changes to Caucus Night:

  • Using Ranked Choice Ballots
  • Waiting until later in the evening (9:00pm) to tally ballots
  • Allowing ballots to be cast anytime from 6:00 – 9:00 pm.

Learn more about the pilot here:

Open Voting Pilot

NOTE: Not all precincts are participating in the Open Voting Pilot, so check with your Caucus Host for more details.

Caucus Night Information

*These are example schedules and your precinct may use a schedule that is a little different.

Precincts Using Traditional Format

6:00 pmCheck-in & Credentialing – Only registered Republicans who live in the Precinct will be given ballots and allowed to vote
 Open mingling and discussions with precinct candidates
7:00 pmOfficial Caucus Meeting begins
Precinct Elections – You must be present for the elections you want to participate in.
Meeting Ends

Precincts in the Open Voting Pilot

6:00 pmCheck-in & Credentialing – Only registered Republicans who live in the Precinct will be given ballots and allowed to vote
 Early Voting Begins
 Open mingling and discussions with precinct candidates
7:00 pmOfficial Caucus Meeting begins
Candidate nominations close – At this point Early Voting will end, and normal voting will begin.
8:00 pm
Open mingling and discussion begins
9:00 pm
Voting Closes – all ballots must be placed in ballot boxes before voting closes.
 Ballot Tallying Begins
Election Results Announced and Reported


As required by the State Party:

  • Welcome/Introductions
  • Prayer
  • Pledge
  • Reading of the State or County Platform
  • Review of Rules, Procedures, Duties of Precinct and Delegate Positions
  • Nominations and Elections (County Parties may change the order) for:
    • Precinct Chair
    • Precinct Vice Chair
    • Precinct Secretary and/or Treasurer
    • State Delegate
    • County Delegate
  • Other Business as directed by State and/or County Parties
  • Select Election Judges
  • Adjournment of the Meeting

To make the most of Caucus Night, please bring the following items:

  • Government Photo ID
    Your must verify who you are to get credentialed and receive your ballots.
  • Proof of Address
    If you not a registered Republican, have a private voter registration, or have not updated your voter registration since moving to the precinct, you will need to prove you live in the precinct. Proof of Address items that are accepted are:
    • Recent Utility Bill
    • Recent County Property Tax Notice
  • Pen or Pencil
    A pen will be needed to fill out your ballots.
  • Notebook
    With five precinct positions to vote on, there will be many candidates to talk to and evaluate. A notebook will be very helpful in taking notes on each candidate and ranking them for your ballots.

Questions & Answers

Ranked Choice Ballot

Ranked Choice Voting is a method of balloting where you write down the candidates on your ballot in order, from most preferred to least preferred. Similar to how you might rank sports teams or restaurants from best to worst.

Since party rules dictate that every precinct position must be won by a majority (more than half) of votes cast, when you have several candidates it is usually necessary to have multiple rounds of voting where the bottom candidate is eliminated. In the traditional format of speeches, voting, tallying, repeat, it can take a significant amount of time to complete one election.

Using a Ranked Choice ballot can save time because there is no need for re-voting. You already know who each voter would vote for next if their candidate is eliminated. Tallying Ranked Choice ballots is the same, who gets eliminated in each round follows the same rules. Plus, it also speeds up voting on multi-seat elections.