Before Caucus Night

Serving in a precinct position is a serious responsibility. Neighbors are counting on those elected to do their job. And they need them to do the WHOLE job, not just the exciting parts. As you consider running for a precinct position, make sure you can commit the necessary time, and have the availability to attend the required meetings for your selected position.

Precinct Leadership positions (Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary) have year round duties and commitments that vary, but do most of their work leading up to the next Neighborhood Caucus Night.

Precinct Delegates start sprinting the day after Caucus, and keep going until the Nominating Convention, in 3-4 weeks time. They have a short period of time to attend meet & greets and cottage meetings, listen to debates, and to meet and vet numerous candidates across multiple races. While most of their work is done when the Nominating Convention ends, they still need to attend the Organizing Convention a year later to elect new party leaders.

Learn more about the roles, responsibilities and required commitments for each precinct position here:

Precinct Positions

Let precinct members know you are running. Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Post it to your precinct Facebook Group/Page
  • Call, Text or email the neighbors and friends you know.
  • DO NOT post to social media areas that are not intended for political purposes, or include a broader audience than your precinct members.
    You don’t want to upset people that may otherwise vote for you.
When you communicate with your neighbors, be sure to let them know:
  • What position you are running for
  • Why you decided to run
  • That you will fulfill all the duties and commitments of the position
  • The principles and values that you stand for
  • Any specific issues that are of a concern to you

Caucus Night

Plan to arrive at 6 pm so that you can talk to as many neighbors as possible. The more neighbors you can talk to, the better your chances are to getting elected.

You may not have time to talk to every precinct member, but you can give them a brief 1/4 page summary:

  • Who you are
  • Why you are running
  • How you will represent the values of your precinct